Voilàp encloses and guards all the Group's brands, our stories, skills and knowledge, recognising and uniting our diversity.



For crafts, for industry, for perfect profiles. elumatec was founded in 1928 in Mühlacker, near Stuttgart. We started by producing components in the sand casting process; then woodworking machines. In the In the 1960s we then specialised in the specific area of machining profiles of different materials with great success. Today we are the world market leader in innovation and quality in the production of machines for processing aluminium and steel profiles.


Emmegi represents an integrated system of solutions, knowledge and technologies available to customers. Continuous innovation, top quality, advanced logistical solutions and high commercial professionalism are its strengths. Today it is a recognised partner in process consulting.


Emmegisoft was founded in 1997 from Emmegi's experience and knowledge in the varied world of windows and doors. A software house dedicated to all the activities, problems and dynamics of the production cycle for windows and doors, curtain walls and industrial sector. Drawing on their extensive and consolidated sectorial know-how, Emmegisoft technicians have developed increasingly complete and sophisticated software products over the years. of the company, from sales to design to production control.


Founded in 2001, Imecon S.r.l., based in Fiesco (Cremona), is a leading Italian company in the production of turnkey technological solutions in the field of Digital Signage and Outdoor Advertising. Imecon has developed a range of products unique in the market in terms of features, functionality and reliability.


Keraglass represents an 'all around' approach to the glass industry. The company was founded in 1996 by its founder Stefano Spezzani and in little more than twenty years it has established itself on the market, becoming a world leader in the field of plant for glass processing with the design and production of high-tech solutions for tempering, lamination and decoration on glass.


We are the engine of product innovation: we collect and aggregate data for advanced trend analysis and insight through IoT and Machine Learning. Thus we enable the digital transformation of Smart City, Industry 4.0, Smart Retail, Automotive and Advertising.


Pladway holds the largest Italian portfolio of Programmatic DOOH assets and is rapidly expanding internationally. Pladway is a programmematic advertising platform that operates in the Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) and Radio In-Store fields.


Someco is the new name of the Voilàp Group's PVC division. We have chosen to enclose the brand, in its figurative version, between two brackets. and integration of different solutions, knowledge, technologies and intelligences.


For over 50 years, Tekna has been a recognised benchmark in the aluminium extrusion machinery market. Among the first companies in the sector to design, develop and market CNC machining centres, Tekna has been able to keep pace with a constantly evolving market with innovative proposals often tailor-made to customer requirements.

voilàp digital

The company was founded in 2011 with the aim of helping people pre-experience products through digital, immersive and multi-sensory shopping experiences, integrating physical and virtual spaces. Today, all sectors are undergoing a radical transformation of distribution channels, both physical and digital, leading to a complete rethinking of shops and showrooms.